that tastes like

Woah! It’s the surprise of a defied expectation. It’s a loss for words because you can’t stop eating. It’s not believing your taste buds or your luck. Woah! can be expressed aloud or by a simple widening of the eyes. It’s cookies, bread, brownies, tarts, prepared meals, or anything else that makes you go: this is gluten-free?… Woah!

The Woah Dough Story Established 2019

Woah Dough began with Chef Marilyn, a classically trained Pastry Chef who has honed her craft in some of the top hotels in Toronto. After seeing many of her family and friends struggle to find a comparable alternative to gluten based goodies Marilyn set out to find a solution so no one missed out on another dessert. It wasn’t long before she became the go to dessert source for all family functions and word of her magical baked gluten free confectionaries spread. Out of this came Woah, her answer to the need for an equally as tasty treat for those suffering Gluten intolerance.

A line illustration of a smiling man in a chef hat, loading dough into a traditional stone oven.
Bill Sutherland and
Marilyn Campbell